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~What's Buried Under The Art Garden?~

~A Communite For The Little Unknown Artists Out There~

~The Art Garden~
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A community for artists and those interested in the many forms of arts.

Feel free to post your original art work and those of others (just make sure to credit them in the post). Also, come and join in discussions of your favorite piece of work.

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You MUST request to join.

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Contact: winged_kanga@yahoo.com

Co-Mod: super_kamel
Contact: ebil_chibi_of_darkness@hotmail.com

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1. No insulting of any kind will be tolerated.
2. You may critic, but do not cross the line.
3. Fail to do rule one, and you shall be banned from the community.
4. Place all art under a lj-cut. Click here to find out how.
5. If, for one reason or another, you plan on taking someone elses work, please ask and credit them.
6. If posting someone else’s work, credit them in the post.

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Posts can range from anything about art, music, rps, song lyrics, photographs, or anything you merely wish to share. :)

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