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Introducing the Co-Mod :P

My name is Kamel and I decided to join this community after slashandwhisper came to me with the idea of it all. So, yeah. The credit of creating this community goes to him. I just did all the fancy HTML coding and designed the graphics.

As you can probably already tell, I enjoy doing graphic design along with drawing and, of course, writing. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea to make a community out of and I'm sure there are probably a ton of communities out there like this one, but what the hey? :)

My art/writing is inspired mostly by music (instrumentals and lyrics alike). My drawings are normally anime/manga style, but I do try for realism every now and again. I love taking pictures; photograph is simply amazings. I write fan fics and a few original short stories such as what I have posted below.

If you need any further information, please contact me or slashandwhisper.


Silently did the weather goddess walk absent mindedly. Her face bared no sign of emotion as she aimlessly wandered the backyard. There was no need to show any emotion when the weather clearly reflected what you felt. Currently, the weather was most horrid. They sky was pitch black as if nightfall had permanently casted itself about this planet. Rain fell with great velocity as the wind blew gravely. Thunder echoed as the lightning tried its best to light up the sky.

The frown that now played her soft lips was most authentic. This was a topic she had been trying to avert for some time. Why did she continue to over-look this? He had been using her this whole time, playing with her heart. Calamity could clearly describe her state of being at this given moment.

The belligerent sky caused her bright blue eyes to stare in deep awe. Everything she witnessed such a storm, she always enjoyed it.

A sigh escaped her as she collapsed to her knees on the soaking wet grass. How many times did he defy her gentle heart? How many times did he demonstrate that he loved her? His actions… they were most desirous. Filled with despair, she bit down on her tongue, unable to speak. She felt like she lost her own dignity.

No, what he did, what he wanted, was most absurd, something she didn’t want to comprehend. He used her for his own enjoyment. He wanted to mess around her now broken heart. He didn’t care about her at all. She was merely Jean’s replacement. A replacement. A toy.

She closed her sorrowful eyes as lightning clashed against each other as if they were raging war upon each other. She was meaningless to him; meant nothing at all… Just a rock in a field of diamonds, flawless diamonds. The rain slowly turned to icy hail. Her garments were freezing, soaking wet against her soft, chocolate colored skin. Hail stones struck against her. She didn’t care.

She tried to remind herself that he was a heartless animal who just wanted someone at his side to call his own. Why couldn’t she have found, fell in love, with a man who was caring? Why didn’t she notice that there were better people to be with? She wanted a gentle man who would ask her what was wrong when something disturbed her. Someone who would actually love her back.

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